Forty Years of Existence of the Pop Band ZANA

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The famous pop band Zana will celebrate its 40th anniversary with a concert in the Kombank Hall on 25 September, starting at 9 p.m.


The group, which has gained a large fan base throughout the region, was formed in Belgrade in 1980 by Zoran Živanović-Žika, Radovan Jovićević and Zana Nimani, who was also the first singer of the popular band. Nataša Gajović became the second singer, and after a few years Nataša Živković. The current member of Zana, Jelena (Galonić) Živanović, at the age of only 19, became the singer of this group, and six years later she started writing lyrics. According to official data, Zana recorded 33 releases in four decades: 15 albums, 13 singles and five compilations. PGP RTS record label marked forty years of Zana with the release of the band’s complete oeuvre.


Tickets at a price of 1,000 RSD can be purchased at, and Ticket Vision and Kombank Hall ticket offices. The organizer of the concert is the Belgrade Festivals Centre (CEBEF).


According to some music chroniclers, the band was created on the initiative of the famous songwriter Marina Tucaković, and it held its first concert in the club ‘Dok’ in Dorćol. In the early 80s, they released several singles, and then their first album – ‘Loše vesti uz rege za pivsku flašu’ in 1981. They gained great popularity throughout the former Yugoslavia with their second album, ‘Dodirni mi kolena’, released in 1982. The third album, ‘Natrag na voz’, was released in 1983 and contained the hits ‘Majstor za poljupce’, ‘Mladiću moj’, ‘Osećam i znam’ and ‘Jabuke i vino’, a duet between Zana Nimani and Željko Bebek.


Singer Nataša Gajović sang on the albums ‘Crvene lale’ (1985), ‘Otkinimo noćas zajedno’ (1987) and ‘Vlak’ (1987) with guests such as Tifa Mladen Vojičić and Laza Ristovski from Bijelo Dugme. Some of the biggest hits from this time are ‘Vejte, snegovi’, ‘Vojna pošta’, ‘Da li čuješ, da li osećaš’ and ‘Oženičes se ti’. Nataša Živković was the lead vocalist on the album ‘Miš’ (1989), which launched the hit ‘Rukuju se, rukuju’. It is interesting that the guest on this album was the star of folk music, Dragana Mirković.


The current singer Jelena Živković joined the group in 1990. With her, the following albums were released: ‘Nisam, nisam’ (1991), ‘Tražim’ (1993), ‘Zanomanija’ (1997), ‘Prijatelji’ (1999) and ‘Kvaka’ (2001). Jelena sang the hits ‘Modrice’, ‘Kum’, ‘Princ’, ‘Nisam, nisam (devojka tvoga druga)’, ‘Iz svake flaše’, ‘Mala’, ‘Kućica’, ‘Rane’. In 2006, the band released the album ‘Kao nekad’, which included new versions of the hits ‘Dodirni mi kolena’ and ‘Vejte, snegovi’.


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