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Belgrade Festivals Centre is а cultural organization founded by the City of Belgrade which is responsible for organizing several most important artistic festivals that take place each year in Belgrade.


CEBEF prepares and organizes film, music and multimedia ambient festivals, each with a tradition which spans over decades:
 - Belgrade Music Festival – BEMUS, international music festival featuring top notch performances of classical and contemporary artistic music;
 - International Film Festival – FEST, which presents films of the highest artistic merit from all over the world, with four competition selections;
 - Belgrade Summer Festival – BELEF, international arts festival featuring site-specific programmes in the fields of music, theatre, dance and visual arts;
 - Sopot Film Festival – SOFEST, which presents the best Serbian films, also with a competition programme.


Alongside festivals, CEBEF offers a concert season of artistic music and organizes other specific programmes in the field of culture upon request from the City of Belgrade.


Street address of the Belgrade Festivals Centre CEBEF is Svetogorska bb.


Acting director of CEBEF is Damir Handanović.


Dragoslav Stanisavljević
Marko Vukomanović
Svetozar Krstić
Rade Ćosić
Jelena Janković Beguš




Damir Handanović was born in Belgrade on December 14, 1987. He attended Electrotechnical School “Rade Končar” in Belgrade and graduated from the Faculty of Law in Novi Sad. He grew up in a musical family where he acquired affinity for performing and composing music. In 2008 he began his professional career as a composer, arranger and producer and soon gained excellent reputation among his colleagues. He is considered one of the best music producers in the region. In 2013 Handanović was named Music Editor of the Pink International Company as well as Entertainment Programme Editor-in-Chief Advisor. In 2018, thanks to his bulk of work and achieved results, he was appointed by the City Council of Belgrade to the position of Director of the Belgrade Festivals Centre – CEBEF, cultural organization which is responsible for the production of the most important cultural events in Belgrade.