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During the weekend, two attractive concerts will be held in the atrium of Captain Miša's Mansion, as part of the ‘Atrium Sessions’ programme, starting at 8.30 p.m., organized by the Belgrade Festivals Centre (CEBEF): the band Galija will perform on Saturday 24 September, and the Belgrade Soul Sextet on Sunday 25 September.


At the concert of the popular local group Galija on 24 September, the Belgrade audience will enjoy the famous songs that have marked over four decades of this band's existence: ‘Dodirni me’, ‘Još uvek sanjam’, ‘Trube’, ‘Kotor’, ‘Možda sam lud’, ‘Čujem te lepo kako dišeš’, ‘Na tvojim usnama’, ... Tickets can be purchased online through the website, as well as at Ticket Vision outlets.


Galija (galley) was founded in Niš in 1976. Nenad Milosavljević, the founder and frontman of the band, already known as a singer-songwriter and independent musician (vocals, acoustic guitar, harmonica), gathered a rock group to participate in a theatre play of an amateur theatre company from this city. Agreement on the founding of a band was reached in the tavern ‘Galija’, known for the gathering of artists and bohemians of Niš. After initial wanderings in search of a name for the group, the name of the legendary tavern was adopted as the best solution.  


Galija achieved its first significant success by winning the Zaječar guitar competition ‘Gitarijada’ in 1978. A few months later, the band performed at ‘Omladina 78’ festival in Subotica, where it was announced as the true star of the festival’s finale. After breaking into the Yugoslav music scene, the group started performing concerts, and at the end of 1978, they recorded their first studio album for PGP RTB.   


Their ‘sailing’ has lasted for 45 years without interruption, and for over a decade the band’s lineup has not changed: Nenad Milosavljević Neša (vocals, nylon guitar, harmonica), Predrag Milosavljević Peca (vocals), Boban Pavlović (drums), Dragutin Jakovljević Guta (electric and acoustic guitar), Slaviša Pavlović Stanley (bass) and Goran Antović (piano and keyboards).


The concert ‘Tri sevdaha’ by the Belgrade Soul Sextet, which combines the sounds of jazz, tango and traditional Balkan music represented by sevdah, will close the Atrium Sessions series of concerts in the atrium of Captain Miša's Mansion on 25 September. Tickets can be purchased online via the website, as well as at Ticket Vision outlets.    


Belgrade Soul Sextet consists of six renowned artists and teachers of classical music. The ensemble started active work in 2017, headed by trumpet teacher, assistant professor Nikola Mijajlović. In addition to him, the members also include Nenad Ljubenović, accordion teacher, Dr Stevan Bata Kovačević, double bass teacher at a higher education institution, pianist and teacher Bojan Mladenović, percussionist Dmitri Ivanilov and vocalist Dr Jelena Jakovljević, Associate Professor of Flute at the Faculty of Arts in Niš.


This group of artists gathered around the same idea with the aim of connecting three different musical genres through their common thread, which is sevdah. The original arrangements written for this band are performed solo in the spirit of classical music interwoven with well-known melodies of jazz, tango and traditional Balkan music represented by the well-known sevdah.


Belgrade Soul Sextet has so far performed a number of successful concerts and has established a series of artistic collaborations in cities throughout Serbia and abroad. One of the most successful was the concert at the famous International Music Festival in Riva del Garda, Italy, in 2019. This ensemble continues its artistic life both in concert halls throughout Serbia and at festivals in Europe. The goal of these concerts is to present traditional European and Balkan music through original arrangements to the audience in a completely new way through the vision of artistic music.