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A special atmosphere in the Botanical Garden was made by the group SMAK Plus, which held a concert as part of the Garden Sessions concert series on 28 July.

Smak Plus continues the work of the famous Yugoslav and Serbian rock band SMAK, only featuring younger lineup. The members of the group are: Dejan Stojanović Kepa Jr, Miki Mihailović, Filip Milanović, Dejan Zdraveski, Jovan Mitrović, Jovan Pantić, Marko Stojanović Kepa Jr Jr.

The band performed its repertoire to the enthusiastic audience. In addition to Smak's popular songs, such as ‘Šumadijski bluz’, ‘Crna dama’, ‘Profesor’, ‘Ulazak u harem’, ‘Daire’, ‘Satelit’, ‘Ljudi, nije fer’, the repertoire also contained tracks that Smak had never performed or the ones that Smak had performed decades ago.