On Sunday night, March 3rd, the 47th FEST was officially closed at Sava Centre, and the FEST Awards Ceremony was held. After the awards were presented, the audience had the opportunity to watch Paolo Sorrentino’s latest film, ‘Loro’.


This year, the films competed within two programmes – the Main Competition Programme presented 14 films, and a national programme titled the Serbian Film (Serbia and Friends) presented 13 films.


The Jury of the Main Competition Programme was composed of Goran Bogdan, Nada Šargin, Ioana Uricaru, Bojan Vuletić and Sanja Vejnović. Their decision was to present the Belgrade Victor Award for Best Film to ‘Wildlife’. ‘The break-up of the family as a universal theme represents the biggest trauma in any child's life. With a subtle film language and minimalistic style, this film introduces us into the authentic, sincere and emotional world of a young teenager, who is suddenly forced into the role of an adult, trying to cope with the changes that his parents are going through’.


The best films in the Serbian Film (Serbia and Friends) Competition Programme were decided by a five-member jury consisting of Wang Yao, Lazar Bodroža, Milan Marić, Danijel Rafaelić, Albert Wiederspiel. The Belgrade Victor for Best Film in this selection went to the film ‘The Makavejev Case or Trial in a Movie Theater’, directed by Goran Radovanović. ‘The Makavey Case is an excellent reconstruction of the milestone of the new Yugoslav Wave and an important moment in film history. By re-linking the present and the past, we can better understand the film and politics of Serbia and the world, as well as time and memory. The Jury admires and appreciates the courage of the director and his unique vision of reconstruction of the found footage in such a sensitive structure. Mr Goran Radovanović, we welcome you. Mr Dušan Makavejev, we miss you’, the jury explained.

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