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This year's third consecutive Garden Sessions concert series ended with a concert by the French group Nouvelle Vague in front of a large audience in the Jevremovac Botanical Garden, organized by CEBEF.
Although it has changed lineups several times during its 19 years of existence, Nouvelle Vague has maintained its authenticity and has given a completely new meaning to the term ‘cover band’, to the extent that listeners are often said to forget the original versions of some songs.
One of the singers of the charming French duo, Mélanie Pain, said before the concert that she approached the cover songs in such a way that she felt as if they were new, and then something completely spontaneous emerged, which made the magic of the band. The other singer, Élodie Frégé, emphasized how important it was to connect with the ambience and the audience and noted that there was always a bit of punk, rock and romance.
‘Nouvelle vague’ means ‘new wave’ in French, while in Portuguese it is ‘bossa nova’ – a style that this band also relies on. Nouvelle Vague expresses its authentic style not only through music but also through stage performance.