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On the occasion of Cello Fest, Dragan Đorđević Suzuki, the author of the programme, said:
‘Through this festival, we all grew, matured as musicians and pedagogues, and as soloists we played a large number of important concerts. For that very reason, this festival meant immeasurably much to Serbian cellists, starting with the youngest, through students, to professors at the faculty and top soloists. In addition to the world's best cellists, exceptional orchestras, conductors and pianists performed at the Cello Fest. Therefore, returning this event to the official agenda of the best festivals in Serbia, where it belongs, would continue to ennoble the entire music world and raise the quality of cello playing in Serbia. However, the Cello Fest is the most important for the youngest cellists and their professors, because it opens the door for the making of new generations of top musicians in our country. When I think of Cello Fest, I always remember how much we all owe to our dear Vesna Kabiljo, who with her energy, strength and enthusiasm did a lot to make this festival a serious and important festival in this part of Europe. That is why this year's Cello Fest – Awakening, is dedicated to the memory of Vesna.’
This year, the Cello Fest will be held from September 25 to 28 in Belgrade, organized by the Belgrade Festivals Centre, and the central event of the Festival will be a concert on September 28 at the Kolarac Endowment, when guests from Bulgaria, Romania and Switzerland will perform alongside famous local cellists.