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On Saturday, July 17, the awards ceremony of the 49th edition of the Sopot Film Festival was held, which was realized in the production of the Belgrade Festivals Centre in cooperation with the Sopot Cultural Centre.
The jury of the Competition Programme of the 49th Sopot Film Festival, consisting of Jovan Marković, screenwriter (president), Slobodan Skerlić, director, and Milan Nikodijević, producer, awarded the following prizes:


GRAND PRIX Festival Award for the film AJVAR
The GRAND PRIX Award was given to the producer of the film AJVAR (directed by Ana Maria Rossi, produced by Biberche Productions), for a melodramatically intoned story, written and directed outside the stereotype, which shows us the end of a love in a fresh and original way and treats the mentioned genre in Serbian cinema with authenticity. The award was presented to producer Nikolina Vučetic Zečević, who thanked everyone on behalf of the entire Ajvar film crew.


Best Director Award to SRDAN GOLUBOVIĆ for the film FATHER
Best Director Award was given to Srdan Golubović for the film FATHER, in which Golubović builds a poetic story, universally understandable, from Anchorage to Varvarin. Based on a real event, Golubović tells us a cruel story about a father's struggle for custody of children. He creates this story in pictures, consistently and stylistically uniformly, showing, on the one hand, love and determination, and on the other, bureaucratic heartlessness.
Mina Stojadinović, one of the producers of the Baš Čelik production company, read a speech by Srdan Golubović: ‘I used to come to your festival as a child. I especially appreciate the fact that it was based on the idea and tradition of anti-fascism. Today, the Festival is extremely important, not only for the community where it takes place, but for the entire domestic film scene. I am extremely honored with the Festival Award. I congratulate everyone on their perseverance and I wish many more successful festivals,’ said Stojadinović.


‘Mira Stupica’ Award for Best Actress to MIHAELA STAMENKOVIĆ
The ‘Mira Stupica’ Award for Best Actress was given to Mihaela Stamenković for the film THE SPRING POEM (directed by Natalija Avramović) for her authentic acting style and uncompromising choice of means by which she bravely interprets the character of a young director, single mother Petra who is trying to normalize her life after divorce. Stamenković managed to deliver a bravura performance, and give the whole film a new depth and quality.
Mihaela Stamenković stated while receiving the award: ‘This is my first award, and since it is the Statuette of Freedom, I want to say that we have been striving for freedom all our lives, and that is how we should continue. Respect other people's freedom and thank you!’


‘Bata Živojinović’ Award for Best Actor to FILIP ĐURIĆ
The ‘Bata Živojinović’ Award for Best Actor was given to FILIP ĐURIĆ for the film MY MORNING LAUGHTER (directed by Marko Đorđević) for his inspired interpretation of 30-year-old Dejan who grows up late. This interpretation is by no means seen as acting, but as the intimate and truly lived truth of an entire generation.
The award was received by the film's director Marko Đorđević, who read Filip Đurić's speech in a humorous way: ‘I would like to dedicate this speech to all those who decided, for unknown reasons, to present me with this award in this spectacular competition, which is now becoming extremely dear to me.’


The Audience Jury presented the AUDIENCE AWARD to the film COMMON STORY directed by Gordan Kičić. The director and lead actor, Gordan Kičić, said while receiving the award: ‘Thank you very much, it is a great pleasure for me to receive this award, since it is the most valuable to me. When we make films, we make them for ourselves with the need to tell some stories that mean something to us, but also with the need and intention for the audience to like it.’


On Monday, July 19, as part of the SOFEST PLUS programme, the audience will be able to see the awarded films for free at the Belgrade Youth Centre:
16.00 h – The Spring Poem
18.00 h – My Morning Laughter
20.00 h – Ajvar
22.00 h – Father


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