48th Film Festival in Sopot – SOFEST


The film festival in Sopot – SOFEST organized by CEBEF and Sopot Cultural Centre, 48th in a row, will be held from July 2nd to 6th, and 18 films will be screened in the competition programme, seven of which are minority co-productions, it was announced today at the press conference in the Belgrade City Assembly. Under the slogan ‘Morning Shows the Day’, the Festival will give a well-deserved recognition and honor to the director Mladomir Puriša Đorđević, who will receive the Award for Contribution to Film Art. A special screening of his film ‘The Morning’ will be organized, with which, according to Aleksandar Avramović, SOFEST Artistic Director, ‘Yugoslav cinema took the first big step into the world.’ In the Gallery of the Sopot Cultural Centre, an exhibition of posters of his films and photographs of Branko Belić will be exhibited, and in the same place on July 5th, a panel will be organized where film professionals Srđan Vučinić, Radoslav Zelenović, Dejan Dabić and Jovan Marković will speak about the work of Puriša Đordjević.   ‘Puriša has always been ahead of others, the leading force of spirit and creativity. Only a part of his volcano of thought and idea ended on a film reel or a video tape and in texts, many of which are waiting to be turned into books, that would enrich some new curious generations, ‘ Avramovic said and added that they planned to issue a monograph on Puriša Đorđević with his stories and texts about him.     On the first day of the Festival, in addition to the opening of the exhibition ‘Morning Shows the Day’ and presenting the award to Đorđević, the traditional defile of the film crews and guests in the carriages will be held, followed by the performances of the RTS Big Band, Kal Band, KUD (Cultural and Artistic Society) Kosmaj and Jelena Tomasević and the screening of the film ‘Stitches’ by Miroslav Terzić.    Until July 6th, films will be shown which, according to Avramović, featured thematic and genre richness, creative diversity, both among filmmakers and actors.
‘The films of ex-Yu will be screened, which is a valuable opportunity for the audience to get an insight into the film industry and its quality,’ Avramović said. The jury will consist of Radoslav Zelenović, Director of the SASA (Serbian Academy of Sciences and Arts) Audiovisual Archives and Digitalization Centre, actress Jovana Gavrilović and film critic Dejan Dabić.

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