Last night, on the 21st of June, the 28th Belgrade Summer Festival – BELEF was officially opened. At the opening, Artistic Director of the Festival Aleksandar Saša Ilić addressed the audience and with the expressions of gratitude to the organizer of the Festival CEBEF, the director Damir Handanović, the City of Belgrade, the Ministry of Culture of the Republic of Serbia, declared the Festival open.
"Sixty is a figure expressed as an equation with three unknowns – that is 17 days, 20 programmes, performed 23 times. When these numbers add up, you get 60 – enough to come to this year's Belgrade Summer Festival."
After Ilić addressed the audience, the premiere of the play ‘Antigone – 2000 Years Later’ was performed by the Ulysses Theatre. The play, produced by MESS from Sarajevo, directed by Lenka Udovički, examines the mythical story from the Sophocles play, while simultaneously engaging in the interpretation of the myth, along with documentary dramatic interventions that open space for discussion. One of the main roles, the character of Creon, is interpreted by the acting doyen Rade Šerbedžija, who appears in front of the Belgrade theatre audience after nearly three decades. The audience rewarded the performance with lengthy applause and ovations. ‘Antigone – 2000 Years Later’ will have a rerun on Saturday, June 22nd. As a prelude to the Festival's opening ceremony, an exhibition of photographs titled ‘Behind the Selfie’ by an award-winning photographer Kristijan Antolović opened at the French Institute.

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