Garden Sessions Concerts in July

|Дадо Топић, фото Радуле Перисић|Del Arno Band фото Владимир Милорадовић|Коља фото Небојша Бабић|Саша Ковачевић, фото Младен Нађ|Васил и Бојан фото: Бранко Сујиц|Зое Кида, фото Небојша Бабић|Звонко Богдан, фото BalkansCat|||| |Дадо Топић, фото Радуле Перисић|Del Arno Band фото Владимир Милорадовић|Коља фото Небојша Бабић|Саша Ковачевић, фото Младен Нађ|Васил и Бојан фото: Бранко Сујиц|Зое Кида, фото Небојша Бабић|Звонко Богдан, фото BalkansCat|||| |||||||||||

from 23 to 29 July 2022,
‘Jevremovac’ Botanical Garden


Renowned Musicians in Botanical Garden

For the end of July, the Belgrade Festivals Centre (CEBEF) is preparing the second part of this year's series of concerts called Garden Sessions, which has become a favorite summer music event among the audience. In the period from 23 to 29 July 2022, in the pleasant atmosphere of the ‘Jevremovac’ Botanical Garden, the audience can expect the performances of popular musicians:

23.07 – Kolja and Grobovlasnici

24.07 – Dado Topić – Time after Тime

25.07 – Zvonko Bogdan

26.07 – Zoe Kida

27.07 – Saša Kovačević

28.07 – Vasil Hadžimanov and Bojan Zulfikarpašić – Piano Duo

29.07 – Del Arno Band


The entrance to the concert space is from Vojvode Dobrnjca Street.

Tickets for all concerts can be purchased on the website and Ticket Vision sales points.


The Garden Sessions series of July concerts will be opened on 23 July by Nikola Kolja Pejaković, actor, director and screenwriter, especially known for his screenwriting work on the films ‘Pretty Village, Pretty Flame’, ‘War Live’, ‘Bare Ground’ and the hit series ‘Vratiće se rode’. At the same time, he gained the status of a cult author on the music scene already with his first album ‘Mama, nemoj plakati’ (2002), recorded under the name ‘Kolja i Smak Belog dugmeta’. His unique expression is also reflected in songs such as ‘Haljinica boje lila’ and ‘Eto, udade se ti za konja’ on the equally challenging second album ‘Kolja’ (2009). Only after releasing the third album ‘Grobovlasnici’ (2013) did he feel that it was time to meet the live audience. He successfully held the first concert in his career on 21 March 2015 in the packed Dom sindikata in Belgrade, accompanied by the band Grobovlasnici. He solidified his cult status with the audience and critics with the well-received fourth album ‘4 prsta’, on which the songs ‘Može malo sutra’, ‘Ala je lep ovaj svet’ (with lyrics by Jovan Jovanović Zmaj) and ‘Svaku noć je isti mrak’ stand out.


Dado Topić, whose work influenced generations of rock musicians, and who is one of the most authentic musicians of former Yugoslavia, will perform on the second day of the concert series, on 24 July. He started his career as a secondary school student in the band Đavolji eliksiri, in which he played bass and sang, and in 1967 they joined Osijek's Dinamiti. He quickly built a reputation as an excellent soul and blues singer. At the end of 1969, he received an invitation to join Korni grupa, where he began composing. At the beginning of the seventies, he left the band and founded Tajm in Zagreb. The debut album ‘Time’, for which he wrote most of the songs while he was still in Korni grupa, was released in the middle of 1972, and as sales started surprisingly well, the record was regularly re-released years later. Tajm performed at the ‘BOOM 76’ festival, and the concert version of the song ‘Da li znaš da te volim’ was recorded on the album ‘BOOM ‘76’. Topić recorded one of the biggest hits from the time of former Yugoslavia, ‘Flojd’ by Zoran Simjanović, written for the film ‘Nacionalna klasa’ directed by Goran Marković. Together with Slađana Milošević, he recorded the pop song ‘Princeza’ for the Eurovision Song Contest, which appeared on the maxi single. The success of that collaboration led to the release of a joint CD with a selection of songs from the careers of the two artists. Today, Dado Topić creates and performs with undiminished power and rightly bears the epithet ‘Yugoslavian Iggy Pop’.


On July 25, the king of tambourine music Zvonko Bogdan will delight the audience with his evergreen numbers such as ‘Ej, salaši na severu Bačke’, ‘Fijaker stari’, ‘Ne vredi plakati’, ‘U tom Somboru’, ‘Vratiće se rode’, ‘Ko te ima taj te nema’.  His first collaborator and teacher was a blind pianist, Mr Baluk, who specialized in the church organ and piano. Zvonko Bogdan, known as the ‘bard of Pannonian chansons’, worked with Janiko Balaž, concertmaster Lucijan Petrović, recorded songs with Šandor Lakatuš, performed with Georgi Zamfir, the best cymbal player of all time Toni Jordaki, with the Great Tambourine Orchestra of Radio Television Novi Sad...


Popular singer Zoe Kida, who, along with Konstrakta, was the lead vocalist of the legendary band Zemlja gruva, will hold her first solo concert in Belgrade in the Botanical Garden on July 26. Zoe (Ana Radonjić) is also a songwriter, designer, and was a long-time member of the band Mistejk Mistejk. She also collaborated with the band Svi na pod. In 2011, she participated in the SevdahBABY project and was the female vocalist in the song ‘Tri poljupca hoću ja’. She hosted a show on RTS, and was the promotional face of Beer Fest in 2015 and 2016. She appeared in the film ‘Nebeska tema’ about Vlada Divljan in 2019. She is one of the founders of Zemlja gruva, and wrote many songs for this band, including ‘Sudopera’ and ‘Najlepse želje’. With the song ‘Bejbi’ Zoe gained a great amount of attention at ‘Pesme za Evroviziju ‘22’ (the national selection for Serbia's representative at the Eurovision Song Contest), and with that single she announced her EP ‘Žena dete’ as a result of the collaboration with the supporting band Sumasišavši.


One of the most popular singers in the Balkans, Saša Kovačević, who will perform on 27 July, graduated from the ‘Kosta Manojlović’ Music School in Zemun (piano department), as well as the Academy of Arts – majoring in recording and sound design. He appeared on television for the first time in 2004, performing at Sunčane Skale festival with the song ‘Pakao i raj’. In 2005, he performed at the Radio Festival with the song ‘Korak do dna’, and his song ‘Jedina si vredela’ was also released. The song ‘Ruka za spas’ became a hit in 2006. In 2007, he received an award for the discovery of the year. This was followed by the Melos Estrada Award, the Belgrade Victor Award for Pop Singer of the Year, and at Dani estrade, he won first place, as the discovery of the year. He won second place at music festival in Vrnjačka Banja with the song ‘Lažu te’. He is the winner of the Radio Festival with the song ‘Bolji čovek’. His songs record millions of views on the YouTube network. At the end of 2008, his first duet, the song ‘I still hope’ with Emina Jahović, was released. The following year, Kovačević received two awards: for singer of the year and for duet of the year, also with Emina Jahović. Another ballad was released in 2011/2012 – ‘Kako posle nas’ which became a big hit. In the following years, numerous hits followed: ‘Gde smo, moja ljubavi’, ‘Rano je’, ‘Živim da te volim’, ‘Temperatura’ , ‘Zamalo tvoj’ and others.


The always interesting piano duo – Vasil Hadžimanov and Bojan Zulfikarpašić will perform on 28 July. Vasil Hadžimanov is a pianist, composer, arranger and pedagogue, an indispensable, connecting link of the Serbian jazz from the end of the 20th century and the beginning of the new millennium. In 2015, collaboration with Bojan Zulfikarpašić begins. The two of them, as a piano duo, perform in Belgrade, Novi Sad and Paris, and receive unanimous praise from critics and audiences alike. This piano duo releases its first live CD in December 2017, and promotes it in a concert at Kolarac Endowment. In the same year, Hadžimanov begins collaboration with Croatian pianist Matija Dedić, and the two of them perform as a piano duo very successfully all over the region to this today. All Hadžimanov’s recordings are proclaimed to be the artwork of national importance for Serbia. Bojan Zulfikarpašić (also known as Bojan Z) is a Serbian jazz pianist. Since 1988, he has lived in France, where he received the Order of the French Ministry of Culture in 2002. He is the recipient of the Hans Koller European Jazz Prize for Best Musician of European Jazz in 2005, as well as of many other awards in France and Europe. In recent years, he has been successfully engaged in production work, especially on the award-winning albums of Michel Portal and Amira Medunjanin.    


The Garden Sessions in the Botanical Garden will be rounded off on 29 July  by Del Arno Band, which was founded by the brothers Vladan and Jovan Matić in 1986 in Belgrade. The band leans towards melodic ‘roots’ music and is the first original reggae band in the territory of former Yugoslavia. They had their first performance in Belgrade in 1987 at the club Akademija. In 1989, they released the album ‘Igraj dok te ne sruše’, in 1991 the single-vinyl with the songs ‘Bi-Bop’ and ‘Putujem’, and in 1992 the second album – Godina majmuna’. Two new songs – ‘Iza ugla’ and ‘D.A.B. in Dub’ were released in 1993, and in 1995, with a completely renewed line-up, the album ‘Reggaeneracija’. ‘DAB je tu da spaja’, ‘Više nego život’, ‘Preko’, ‘Dim iz moje lule’ and the cover of the song ‘Treći svijet’ by the band Haustor are some of the songs that influenced the rise in popularity of Del Arno Band. In March 2006, they released the album ‘Vreme vode’, and in 2011, on the occasion of the band’s 25th birthday, they released the single ‘Horoskop’. In May 2017, the band together with Nemanja Kojić (Hornsman Koyote) released the single ‘Još uvek ima nade’. Del Arno Band has played with reggae greats at numerous festivals in the country and the region. 


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