Monday, April 29 у 20:00
Saint Sava Temple

On Monday, April 29, a magnificent concert in the crypt of Saint Sava Temple will be held on the occasion of the celebration of the biggest Christian holiday – Easter, in the joint organization of the Temple of Saint Sava and the Belgrade Festivals Centre.   
The concert will begin at 8 p.m, and on this solemn occasion several choirs will perform:
Children's Choir of the Pančevo Serbian Singing Society (conductor Bojana Stražmeštrov), Children's Choir of the First Belgrade Singing Society (conductor Radmila Knežević), Children's Choir ‘Blagoslov’ from Sremska Mitrovica (conductor Tamara Pajkanović), City Ladies Choir ‘Barili’ from Požarevac (conductor Katalin Tasić), ‘Mokranjac’ Singing Society (conductor Katarina Stanković), Serbian Singing Society ‘Srbadija’ from Bijeljina (conductor Jelena Milićević Trakilović), Choir of St. Sava Temple (conductor Katarina Stanković), ‘Branko’ Singing Society Choir from Niš (conductor Sara Cincarević). We invite you to enjoy the most beautiful compositions of spiritual music that choruses will perform.

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