Takovo Uprising’s 208th Anniversary Marked

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The Ministry of Labour, Employment, Veterans and Social Affairs of the Republic of Serbia, as part of the work of the Committee for Nurturing the Traditions of the Liberation Wars of Serbia, marked the anniversary of the Second Serbian Uprising. The programme was held on Sunday 23 April, in the Takovski grm Memorial Complex in the municipality of Gornji Milanovac.

The Belgrade Festivals Centre – CEBEF was given the honour of realizing the artistic programme, winning the competition of the Ministry of Labour, where the expert committee considered Vojislav Milin's script to be the best of all those offered.

Actors Andrej Pipović and Đorđe Nakić took part in the programme, as well as the group Artijum, which performed with artistic director Marijana Radosavljević. The programme was led by Katarina Petrović and directed by Zoran Rakić.


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