Sanremo in Belgrade on June 4 – Free Concert at Kalemegdan!

Јуман – фoto Claudia Pajewski|Литаме  -  фoto Sanremo Giovani|Мартина Белтрами – фoto Chiara Mirelli|Самиа – фoto Giacomo Gianfelici|||| Јуман – фoto Claudia Pajewski|Литаме - фoto Sanremo Giovani|Мартина Белтрами – фoto Chiara Mirelli|Самиа – фoto Giacomo Gianfelici|||| |||||||


The famous Italian music festival is coming to Belgrade on June 4th as part of an international tour, when the last year’s finalists and the winner of the youth section of the Sanremo Song Festival – Sanremo Giovani will be presented at Kalemegdan. The Sanremo Giovani World Tour 2022 is an event organized by the Ministry of Foreign Affairs and International Cooperation of Italy in cooperation with RAI television.


This year's tour is a section dedicated to the young talents of the world's most popular Italian song festival. It is also a unique opportunity for young artists to present themselves to an international audience as well as for many fans of Italian music to enjoy an exquisite concert.  


The Embassy of the Republic of Italy in Belgrade, the Italian Cultural Institute of Belgrade and the Belgrade Festivals Centre (CEBEF) are organizing an extraordinary concert in Belgrade, on the open-air stage of Kalemegdan. Yuman, Martina Beltrami, Littamè and Samia will perform their songs as well as new versions of great classics of Italian music. The artistic director of the project is maestro Maurizio Filardo, who was also the musical director of the 2022 Eurovision Song Contest held in Turin. The finalists of the Sanremo Giovani festival embark on a European tour, performing in four capital cities. Before Belgrade, the artists will visit Madrid and Brussels, and after Belgrade, the tour will reach Tirana.     


About the performers:

- Yuri Santos Tavares Carloia, known professionally as Yuman, stood out among more than 700 singers who applied for the Sanremo Giovani competition, becoming the Laureate of the Festival with the song ‘Mille notti’, after passing two selections. This win enabled him to participate at the Sanremo Festival on February 1st, 2022 with the song ‘Ora e qui’, where he received the ‘Enzo Jannacci’ Award, presented by the Nuovo IMAIE Association (Nuovo Istituto Mutualistico Artisti Interpreti Esecutori), ‘for a striking interpretation that further contributed to the harmony, sophistication and elegance of the song’.      

- Samia participated in the finals of the 2021 Sanremo Giovani festival with the song ‘Fammi respirare’, which was written in collaboration with Francesco Cataldo, who also did the arrangement and production. 

- The singer-songwriter Martina Beltrami has managed to reach over 5 million views on the Spotify platform with only three recorded singles and become one of the most promising artists of the Italian music scene. In December 2021, she participated in the Sanremo Giovani festival with the song ‘Parlo di te’, where she reached the final.

- With the song ‘Respiro su Marte’, which was recently released on digital platforms, Angelica Littamè, known only as Littamè, was among the top six performers at the festival of the contemporary Italian music ‘Fatti Sentire’ in June 2021, which was broadcast on the Rai 2 channel. In December of the same year, live on the Rai 1 channel, she participated in the finals of the Sanremo Giovani festival with the single ‘Cazzo avete da guardare’.


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