Sanremo Giovani World Tour in Belgrade

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The fifth edition of the Sanremo Giovani World Tour event, organized by the Ministry of Foreign Affairs and International Cooperation of Italy, brings this year the contestants of the Sanremo Giovani festival 2022 in front of the audience of some of the largest cities of the Balkans.  

Due to the declaration of the Day of Mourning in Serbia on 27 September, the Sanremo Giovani World Tour concert will be held on 28 September.

Italian artists Martina Beltrami, Fiat 131, Nur and Manini will perform on the seven-day tour.

The concert in Belgrade, organized for the second year in a row by the Italian Cultural Institute of Belgrade and the Belgrade Festivals Centre (CEBEF), in cooperation with the Italian Embassy in Belgrade, will take place on 28 September at 7 p.m. at Kalemegdan (Savsko šetalište – Vidikovac).

Two special guests will participate as well: actress Jelena Gavrilović and singer Lena Kovačević. In case of bad weather, the concert will be held in the Belgrade Youth Centre. Admission is free.

Between the past and the present, the singers will perform songs of all time and new hits, original songs as well as new versions of the great classics of Italian music, in collaboration with the artistic director of the tour, Maurizio Filardo. It is a tour that promotes the tradition of Italian song and presents the young talents of the Italian pop music scene in the best possible way, through the network of diplomatic and consular offices and Italian cultural institutes. 


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