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At the media conference on the occasion of the announcement of the programme of the 55th BEMUS, artistic director Bojan Suđić addressed those present at the RTS Club and pointed out that for many years he had been investing energy to raise Bemus to this level, adding that there was always room to make the festival even more spectacular.  

He emphasized that the Belgrade Festivals Centre (CEBEF), which had been the producer of Bemus for many years, was making efforts to ensure that the festival was presented in the right way in terms of organization, and he especially drew attention to the fact that Bemus would not be at this level if, first of all, the Board did not bring new energy and new ideas. He introduced cellist Jelena Mihailović as a new member of the Board and referred to the engagement of the President of the Board, Milan Lazović, with whom, as he said, he had been collaborating for decades, and emphasized how important the synergy between the artistic director, the Board and the festival producer was for the programme.  

’Festivals in the region are known for much larger budgets, but not always with better and higher-quality programmes, therefore, we have something to be proud of,’ said Suđić.

He pointed out that Kennedy would be accompanied by exceptional musicians, an ensemble of virtuosos that would be formed especially for the needs of that concert,which would make for the magnificent closing of Bemus.

’Berezovski is coming to present the Rachmaninoff programme, but also another programme that the audience will be able to hear as the pinnacle of world pianism,’ said Suđić.

Among the many concerts in the programme, he referred to the performance of the Rubicon Quartet, which is celebrating its 20th anniversary, and greeted cellist Dragan Đorđević Suzuki, member of the quartet, who was among the present.

’We do not have a better and more prestigious festival than Bemus,’ said Suđić and assessed that we were only as strong as we cherish tradition and the legacy that was left for us.

‘The past 54 years of Bemus oblige us, starting with the first edition of the festival, held in 1969, which, according to the current financial structures, would require several million euros,’ he emphasized.

When it comes to Berezovsky's participation in the festival, Suđić mentioned that BEMUS was not a political festival, nor that he wanted to discuss anyone's political statements or anything in that context.

While regretting that ’war trumpets are heard louder than the symphonic ones,’ he noted that the programme of the Montenegrin Symphony Orchestra's concert at Bemus would include Shostakovich's work, which, as he said, carried the most significant anti-war message.


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